William D. Seybold, MD Distinguished Lectureship

Speaker History


2019                Ronald M. Stewart, MD - Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery, UTHealth San Antonio School of Medicine

2018               Duke Cameron, MD - Massachusetts General Hospital Departments of Cardiac Surgery and General Surgery

2017               Tom DeMeester, MD - Professor and Chairman Emeritus, USC Department of Surgery

2016                Mary Hawn, MD - Stanford Medicine Professor of Surgery and Chair of the Department of Surgery

2015               L D Britt, MD - Henry Ford Professor and Edward J. Brickhouse Chairman of Department of Surgery, Eastern Virginia Medical School

2014              Mark Talamini, MD - Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Founding Director of the Stony Brook Medical Innovation Institute

2013               Eric Silberfein, MD - Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Surgical Oncology, Ben Taub Hospital

2012               No lecture held

2011               No lecture held

2010               Rafael Pollack, MD - The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Head of the Division of Surgery 

2009                No lecture held

2008               Kirby Bland, MD - University of Alabama-Birmingham, Professor, Chair Emeritus, Department of Surgery, Distinguished Faculty Scholar, School of Medicine, Senior
Advisor, UAB Comprehensive Cancer

2007               Timothy Eberlein, MD - Bixby Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery, Spencer T. And Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor and Director of the Siteman
Cancer Center at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Surgeon-in-Chief at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

2006               Carols Pellegrini, MD - Professor and Chairman of Department of Surgery, University of Washington

2005                Danny Jacobs, MD – Professor and Chairman of Department of Surgery, Duke University