William D. Seybold Distinguished Lectureship

Since 2005, the Kelsey Research Foundation has supported the William D. Seybold Distinguished series. William D. Seybold, M.D. was a highly-regarded general and thoracic surgeon who joined his friend Mavis Kelsey, M.D. to build the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic that today continues their names in the leadership of Houston medicine. In addition, Dr. Seybold was chief of staff at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and very active in the Baylor surgical teaching program.

Each year, the Foundation selects a leader in the field of surgery who demonstrates a strong commitment to excellent surgical care and research and who carries on the tradition of outstanding care established by Dr. Seybold. This lectureship includes rounds with Baylor residents and morning grand rounds lecture to the Baylor surgery department, St. Luke's staff and Kelsey-Seybold surgery staff.

The Mavis P. Kelsey, M.D. Lectureship

This annual lecture recognizes Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr., M.D. and his leadership in establishing research collaborations between MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Foundation. Kelsey Research Foundation is sponsoring Mavis P. Kelsey Lecture at the MD Anderson Division of Internal Medicine's annual research retreat, held each year in May. MD Anderson selects a speaker who gives a keynote speech at the retreat. Dr. Kelsey was the first head of endocrinology at MD Anderson and founded the Kelsey Seybold Clinic with two colleagues.

Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey earned his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), and completed internal medicine and surgery residencies at Bellevue Hospital in New York. After a tour as an instructor in pathology at UTMB, an internal medicine position at the Scott and White Clinic in Temple, Texas, a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, and service with the U.S. military in World War II, Dr. Kelsey took a staff position at the Mayo Clinic. In January 1949, he moved to Houston to enter private practice and to build a medical clinic. That year, he co-founded the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, which now employs more than 300 physicians and provides care to more than 300,000 patients at 18 clinics in Houston. During World War II, Dr. Kelsey and R. Lee Clark, M.D., worked together in the Aeromedical Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. When Dr. Clark became director of MD Anderson Hospital in 1946, he invited Dr. Kelsey to join him. From 1949-1965, Dr. Kelsey worked part-time in medicine at MD Anderson with a focus on thyroid disease.

With the support of Cliff Howe, M.D., Chief of Medicine, Dr. Kelsey worked on the construction of a Geiger counter to count thyroid uptake of radioiodine. Later, under the leadership of Leonard Grimmett, a Cobalt 60 radiation unit was developed, the first of its kind in the U.S. Dr. Kelsey helped recruit medical staff in the endocrine unit, including Ray Rose, M.D., Tom Haynie, M.D., and Stratton Hill, M.D. Under Dr. Kelsey's leadership, the Kelsey Research Foundation was established in 1956 to support medical research and education in the Houston area. The Foundation collaborates with Texas Medical Center institutions on multiple studies of cancer prevention. Over the years, MD Anderson faculty members have provided leadership to the foundation board, including Charles A. LeMaistre, M.D., and Louise Strong, MD. 

J. Charles Dickson, M.D. and James L. Smith Award

J. Charles Dickson Award is the oldest prize, which was established in 1988 by Dr. James Smith, succeeding Chief of Otolaryngology at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, and Dr. George Ferry, Trustee and Managing Director of Kelsey Seybold Foundation. The award given annually in memory of Dr. Dickson, has been presented to a number of residents for the best research study undertaken in the Clinical and Basic Science categories for the Bobby R. Alford Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Communicative Sciences each year at Baylor College of Medicine. Today, the J. Charles Dickson Award continues to be a fitting tribute to the dedication and influence of an outstanding medical educator.

J. Charles Dickson was widely respected for his pioneering work in otolaryngology and was considered a foremost authority in his field. Dr. Dickson joined the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in 1962 and served as the Chairman from 1968 to 1972. He also served as Chief of Otolaryngology until his retirement in 1980. Dr. Dickson taught medical students and residents at Baylor College of Medicine. He served as the President of Medical Staff in 1940 and again in 1953-1955 at the Methodist Hospital, where he was a staff member for 53 years. Dr. Dickson served as a consultant at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital and Germann Hospital. In addition to exhibiting a great love for teaching residents and medical students, Dr. Dickson also shared his time and leadership talents with young people, specifically the Boy Scouts of America with whom he was active for 45 years. 

James L. Smith Award is an annual award named for the late Dr. James Smith, who was the chairman of the Kelsey-Seybold ENT department for many years as well as a former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Clinic. This prize, established through generosity of Mrs. Mimi Dompier and the Bob and Vivian Smith Foundation, will be given to the senior ENT resident deemed most worthy by the Kelsey-Seybold clinical staff.

Jim Smith received his bachelor's degree in 1949 and his master's degree in 1951, and his medical degree in 1955, all from University of Texas. He interned at Brooke Army Hospital before being assigned to Ellington Field. Beside his career at the clinic he has been very active in the Otolaryngology Department at Baylor as associate professor and senior attending at Methodist Hospital. He also served at St. Luke's, Texas Children's, MD Anderson and UTMB. He was president of the UTMB alumni and in 1995 was named an Ashbel Smith Distinguished Alumnus.

Both, J. Charles Dickson Award and James L. Smith Award are announced together by the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Communicative Sciences.