President and CEO

Herbert DuPont, M.D. 


Board Members

Advisory Board

Executive Committee

John Wilson Kelsey - Chairman

Robert Wier Kelsey - Vice Chairman

Herbert DuPont, M.D. - President and CEO

Michael Newmark, M.D. - Medical Director

Richard Carrell

John Cater

Ron Millard

Vicki Smith

John N. Lyle

Board Members Not Pictured

George Ferry, M.D.

Earl Beard, M.D.

James Kemper, M.D.


Ashley Alexander - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Sonia Barre - Cancer Registry Supervisor

Melissa Bessinger - Clinical Research Coordinator

Valerie Coffman - Epilepsy Program Coordinator

Edina Dervisefendic - Data and Quality Improvement Coordinator

Stacy Duriso - Senior Community Health Worker

Aimee Friend - Development & Event Manager

Natiarys Gonzalez - Research Assistant

Monique Harris - Assistant

Sandra Johnson - Clinical Research Coordinator

Jennifer Marvel - Clinical Research Supervisor

Tara McNeill - Development Manager

Luz Pena - Research Assitant

Paula Stapleton - Manager of Finance and Accounting

Herbert L. DuPont - President & CEO

Michael Newmark - Medical Director